I understand that our squadron is a volunteer squadron and we are here to have fun, and possibly improve our skills as virtual pilots. To achieve those 2 goals we fly both operational & training missions every SaturdayMonday, and Wednesday night at 2100 CDT however, recently, we have had a serious decline in participation of these missions. I find this very concerning for two reasons; members are missing out on some real fun group events, and all the time put into developing these missions upwards of 8 hrs per mission are basically thrown out the window. We plan for approx. 70% attendance which is approx. 8 members and only have 3 or 4 and no communication or participation from the remaining members. Therefore, I am instituting the following Command Directives effective immediately;
  1. All members will attend at least 4 missions a month or one a week, 
  2. All members will communicate their attendance for each mission via our squadron forum under mission briefings or an email to myself This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 1200 CDT on the day of the mission (SaturdayMonday, and Wednesday nights unless otherwise specified)
 CDR Lee "Ozzy" Harvey


1. Pop oversees the Wing operations, and approves missions and proposed schedule dates. Pop will screen potential members and establish their level of experience. Pop will assign instructors when a member submits a “request for training” form.
2. Pop, Toby, Lee and Chris will develop and plan Wing MP mission. (SAT ops)
3. Doug will organize and maintain the web site and downloads page. All items to be uploaded should be submitted to him to ensure no duplicate or unnecessary files are posted. He will also maintain TeamSpeak site, and Facebook page.
4. Hardy will maintain and publish the roster, including call signs, parking spots, time zone, IP address, if needed, and phone numbers (optional)
5. Rudy fly with new USN member, ensuring they understand the SB and squadron procedures. Toby fly with “USAF” members and train them in assigned a/c. This flying may be done on schedule or unscheduled fly days.


1. Wing MP MISSIONS will be conducted on Saturdays at 2100CST. (not every week)
2. Wing MP MISSIONS will be announced, via the wing web site, on the Wednesday of the week prior to the mission (10 days in advance), with a detailed brief required files, items and scenery and estimated length of mission. Any files which are not included on the download page will be submitted to Doug for posting.
3. Members able to fly the mission, must commit by the Wednesday prior to the mission date.
4. On the Wednesday at 2000 CST prior to the fly day, mission will be briefed and files checked. Question on flight plan loads, routes, comms, files required, primary and backup server, etc will be discussed.
5. The mission flight schedule will be published Friday prior to the mission by 1700CST.
6. Wing members participating in the mission will join TeamSpeak and the assigned server at 2100CST with all files installed.
Training, "fun flying", a/c and weapon check outs, testing new a/c, weapons, programs, scenery sessions will be conducted all other scheduled times as per calendar changes. (MON 2000CST, WED 2100CST, SAT 2100CST)

Members are encouraged to request training (using form on web) or other suggested events either at scheduled or unscheduled flying times.



The following steps should lead to joining a multi play mission correctly, with the aircraft located at the proper scenery, airfield, parking spot, weapons loads, navigation, and tactical information in place.

Prior to opening the sim:

    1. Download mission folder form wing web site. Print necessary info. The folder will include:
      1. A description to the mission, objectives, location, mission times and estimated length of mission comm. plan proposed sim time (Z)and weapons loads for each section.
      2. Proposed primary and backup servers.
      3. Required scenery (or link) CCP and FSX@WAR information
      4. Recon photos.
      5. Maps, charts, airfield layout
      6. Target information
      7. Flight plan routes, and MU

2.   Open ACM.

  1. Load MU and populate the sequence.
  2. Check iff, gps, weapons modes, nav equipment settings
  3. Check comm. frequencies and channels
  4. Set weapons loads
  5. Save MU and a/c

B.    Prior to mission day, Open P3D

  1. On UI page, select a/c, departure field( or field close if CV launch), parking spot and proposed sim time.
  2. In pit:
    1. Check a/c configuration, flaps , exterior lights off, canopy closed and for USN a/c hook and Launch bar up . Navigation and avionics equipment set
    2. Check starting location on air field.
    3. Save scenario
    4. Close P3D
    5. Reopen P3D after in pit, select “network”-multi player-connect directly, enter IP and P/W, load scenario, next open additional options, start location, change, check parking spot. Ok-OK
    6. If all is correct. Close sim.

C.    Mission day

  1. Gather all printed material
  2. Open P3D. After entering pit, go network, multi play, perform item B.2.e.
  3. Join sim when directed.
  4. Perform pre taxi check list, set avionics, and navigation equipment.
  5. When ready for taxi, turn on exterior light. Nav and strobs.
  6. Wait for flight lead to call for radio check.

Ron "Pop" Folse