Our goal is to fly US Navy aircraft in the most realistic manner using current NATOPS and Radiotelephone procedures, and have fun doing it. To achieve this goal, the Carrier Wing will provide training material and instruction. To be accepted into the Wing, new pilots must demonstrate the ability to fly a stock P3D aircraft on a short flight with a Wing Instructor. To be assigned to a squadron a pilot must successfully complete the Stock Carrier Tutorial mission in P3D.

The initial squadrons to be commissioned are VFA-31 Tomcatters vfa31 02 , a Super Hornet squadron based at NAS Oceana, VAW-124 Bear Aces VAW 124 2 , Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron, and HSM-70 Spartans, Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron. Other aircraft and squadrons may be added later.

We are looking for serious-minded aviators who want to fly the way it's done in the real world. The founders of Virtual Carrier Wing Eight (VCVW-8) are real-world pilots and have logged literally thousands of hours in real-world military aircraft. You won't find a better group of instructors anywhere.

Do you have what it takes to be part of this exciting online experience?