This is the home of Virtual Carrier Air Wing Eight (VCW-8) BBEs logo . Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d Academic Version 4.3 will be the basic simulator platform for all Air Wing operations. CVW-8 is an active U.S. Virtual Naval air wing currently based at NAS Oceana, Va. The wing consists of eight flying squadrons deployed aboard the USS George H. W. Bush. See

We have recently added an Air Force Support group wing: 561st FS. "The Wild Weasels" 250px 561st Fighter Squadron Emblem . We look forward to their contribution to the wing as a whole.

The "Wing" is primarily flying VFA 31's VRS FA18E Superbugs in P3D and "TacPack" gives the simulator a "combat" environment.

Future squadrons and aircraft are envisioned to more fully flesh out the air wing: E2C Hawkeye  , F/A-18C, MH-60, and the E/A-18G (when released), are all possible squadron evolutions.

*Additionally Wing 8 has a detachment of FA 18C ‘s,  VFA 31 (DET 1), based at Batumi (DCS).

The Wing was initially manned by two former military aviators, Ron "Pop" Folse (CDR USN, Ret) and Greyson "Ghost" Bassett (LtCol USAF, Ret). These pilots have enough seat time to qualify as official "Fat Butts", so whatever non-standard regulations that evolve can be mostly attributed to attitude and altitude accordingly. Wing structure is decided upon participation. Sadly "Ghost" made his final "Take off" in April and is no longer with us.

We begin with "baby steps" so as to not frighten potential candidates with organizational or procedural overload. Those interested in becoming members should submit an application. A short evaluation flight in a stock P3D/DCS airframe is the first step to becoming a squadron member.. It is highly recommended that prospective candidates complete Carrier Practice Missions, requiring five traps and a green success check mark.

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great Navy US Navy Logo Sign (...and Air Force) us air force logo day!